Canadian Christian Television Personality Leon Fontaine on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”

Leon Fontaine of the Miracle Channel, the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Canadian Christian television affiliate, spoke recently on TBN’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, where he challenged Christian viewers to take their faith in God outside the four walls of their church.

Noting that he grew up in a sheltered environment that seldom extended beyond the safety of his family and church, Leon recalled how as a young man he took a job as a paramedic, where he began to see the most heart-breaking situations that only God could heal.

Take a few minutes to watch this moving TBN video, as Leon Fontaine talks about the importance of Christians taking their faith to where the need is — out into a hurting world.

Shannon Nieman Talks About Carrying on Her Mother’s Legacy of Ministering God’s Mercy to Others

Shannon Nieman has inherited a great legacy from her parents, Pastors Charles and Rochelle Nieman, who oversaw the growth of El Paso’s Abundant Living Faith Center from a congregation of just 20 people in 1977 to over 20,000 members today.

Recently Shannon appeared on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show with her father, where she talked about her mother, who went to be with the Lord in December 2012, and how she is carrying on her mother’s awesome legacy of ministering God’s mercy and grace to others.

Through an initiative called One Sisterhood, Shannon is reaching out to women in her parents’ church and beyond, teaching God’s Word with a passion, and instilling the conviction which inspired her mother’s ministry — that everyone has a New Life with Christ within them.

Inspired by her mother’s legacy, Shannon is showing women that they can each stand strong, accomplish much, impact many, and truly make the world a better place. “Women can walk confidently through life knowing they are equally called and equally capable and that their life is just as valuable as anyone else’s,” she said.

She explained that the heart of One Sisterhood is to inspire women to believe in themselves, to live empowered and determined through Christ in them. “One Sisterhood is women of all ages bonded together through their love of Christ, empowered with a cause to revolutionize their world!” she said. “It is women solidified in true friendships, committed to walking through life together, loving and strengthening each other as we act as One!”

Speaking of her mother on TBN’s “Praise the Lord,” Shannon said that “when my mom left, she didn’t just go. She left me something so incredible — a soundness of who I am in Christ, a true understanding that He is with me….”

She said that the sense of Christ’s presence caused “courage to rise up within me, and I began to feel like I needed to stand up and carry on the message that my mom had given me, and really try to take that to the women in my church and other places. And that is how One Sisterhood started.”

Watch this moving, inspirational video that shows how the life of one woman of God who has gone on to glory continues to impact others today.

140 Characters Can Change Your Life, Says Pastor Jonathan Miller on TBN

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites have revolutionized how millions of people stay in touch and communicate with each other. But did you know that they can also be used to reach people with the hope of Christ?

Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show, Pastor Jonathan Miller shared how just 140 characters — the maximum length of a Twitter message — can change a person’s life.

“Social media has become a vast platform,” said Pastor Miller, “and at our church we’ll use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to reach out to people we otherwise would never have reached.”

Added Pastor Jonathan: “Twitter, for instance, is an amazing thing. You would be surprised by how 140 characters can change somebody’s mind about a divorce, a suicide, quitting school, or other areas of need.”

This short TBN video will have you thinking about how you can use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media applications to reach those who need God’s love.

Myles Rutherford Shares an Important Truth About the Past and the Future

Myles Rutherford, pastor of the popular Worship With Wonders Church in Atlanta, was a guest recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord,” where he spoke about the importance of moving on from the past.

“It’s okay to remember the past,” he explained, “but it’s not okay to rehearse the past. We’re blessed to remember the past. The Bible says, ‘When I think of His goodness’….” But it’s not okay to live in the past.”

Pastor Myles went on to counsel that “God says that right now the Church is in a transition. That means we don’t know enough to go forward, but we know way too much to go back.”

He added that there must be more sacrifice in the church today to see the blessings and power God wants to bestow. “Jesus is the supreme sacrifice, we know that,” he clarified. “But if we want that fresh oil and wine that people talk about, then we have to remember that there is a crushing of the oil and the grape, and there has to be a new wine skin presented, meaning there has to be a sacrifice. So our worship has to be more than a song. It has to be a sacrifice of worship.”

Watch this powerful and anointed video to hear more from Pastor Myles Rutherford about sacrifice and the blessings of God’s presence.

Dr. Francis Myles on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”: Hardships Will Destroy Philosophies That Are Deficient

Dr. Francis Myles, author of “The Order of Melchizedek,” sat down recently with host Clarence McClendon on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show, where he spoke about the need to focus on the right track to destiny.

Dr. Myles noted that the church in Africa is more focused in its reach for destiny than much of the church in America. “Why is that ?” asked Pastor McClendon.

“It is because the economic hardships that predominate in Africa destroy philosophies that don’t work,” he explained. “In other words, these hardships cause African Christians to give up on philosophies that don’t work, but which many American Christians will continue to embrace, regardless of how counterproductive they are in their lives.”

Watch this TBN video, and then Click Here to watch the entire interview segment with Dr. Francis Myles (the interview begins at 9 min. 40 sec.).