TBN Classic: Paul and Jan Crouch Talk About Forgiveness

Forgiveness. It’s foundational to our relationship with God — and it’s crucial to our relationships with one another.

Trinity Broadcasting Network founders Paul Crouch and Jan Crouch were called upon many times throughout the years to extend forgiveness to those in the body of Christ who maligned them and spoke ill of their ministry and of TBN.

And in his forty years at the helm of the network Paul Crouch was intentional in his efforts to reach out to pastors and ministry leaders with “baggage” whom others in the church would sideline and reject.

Through the years there were many powerful programs on TBN that were on the air because Paul and and Jan Crouch had the courage and tenacity to say to ministers who had repented of sins and past errors — “God forgives you and so do we. Welcome to the TBN family. We’re honored to serve with you as co-laborers in the work of the kingdom of God.”

Watch this powerful and deeply personal TBN video from over thirty years ago as Paul and Jan Crouch talk earnestly about the importance of forgiveness.

Hell Is Real, and Without Jesus You’re Already There

What is hell? It begins and ends without Jesus, noted evangelist Daniel Kolenda said on a recent edition of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” music and ministry program. And without Jesus in your life, you are already experiencing hell’s worst characteristic — a lack of God’s presence.

“Some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world, some of the most famous people who have climbed the ladder of human hopes and dreams, have arrived there at the top, looked around, and realized that everything they thought life was about actually amounted to nothing,” Daniel said. “… they made the discovery that real life isn’t just being physically alive. There is something much more that God wants to restore in every human heart and life.”

Watch this powerful five-minute video as evangelist Daniel Kolenda shares the truth about what makes for real life.

Christmas Has a Rich History: Watch It Here!

On Christmas Day we will celebrate the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ. It’s been a momentous holiday for countless individuals down through history, who have celebrated the blessed Nativity of God’s only begotten Son.

But did you know that throughout history many other significant events have occurred on Christmas Day? It is almost as if God chose to highlight this one day above all others, by orchestrating time and space so that world-changing and history molding happenings would occur on the day the world customarily celebrates His Son’s birth.

Watch this fascinating video as noted American historian William Federer shares with TBN “Praise the Lord” host Kirk Cameron just a handful of the amazing things that have happened on Christmas Day!

There’s a Still, Small Voice That Testifies to the Lordship of Christ

There is a voice in the earth that testifies to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and which even the lost will sense speaking deep inside their hearts when they are confronted with the gospel message. It is the voice of the Holy Spirit wooing all humanity, and those who hear the call cannot deny it — regardless of their response.

Watch this engaging video clip from Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord show, as UK pastor Jonathan Conrathe relates to the TBN London audience a powerful story of how that voice of the Holy Spirit confronted a Hindu priest with the undeniable truth of Jesus.

Steve Brown on TBN’s Praise the Lord: Don’t Try to Fix Yourself Before You Come to Jesus

Author, radio talk show host, and seminary professor Steve Brown has some advice for those who are trying to be good enough for God: Forget it!

Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Praise the Lord ministry and talk show, hosted by TBN’s Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch, Steve talked about how much people want to clean themselves up before they come to Jesus.

“One of the major reasons we don’t know God’s love and grace, and don’t experience his presence, is that we refuse to eat from the banquet of grace that he has placed before us,” he said. But he added that “if you want to know God, go to Him just as you are. God will love you and he may even make you better. But go to him with your brokenness and sin, not trying to mend that brokenness and clean up that sin first.”

Watch this short TBN video that powerfully communicates the simplicity of God’s profoundly glorious grace.”