Rick and Karen Santorum on Letting God Lead You Through the Heartaches and Pressures Life Brings

How do married couples successfully navigate the private pains and issues that everyone faces in life? For Rick and Karen Santorum, faith in God has always been key. As a longtime U.S. Senator and onetime presidential candidate, Rick has known the pressures that come with public life. But when their daughter Isabella was born with a severe, life-threatening illness that doctors said she would not survive, Rick and Karen knew that their only source of strength and hope was in God.

Watch this powerful and personal TBN video as Rick and Karen Santorum recall God’s presence as they walked through taking care of their daughter — who is now seven years old!

Here’s a Musical Pick-Me-Up from The Martins on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”

Check out this awesome a cappella Gospel Music medley from Dove-Award winning trio The Martins. This TBN video will pick up your day!

Bryan Cutshall: Here’s How You’ll Know You’re Spirit-Filled

How do you know that you’re really filled with God’s Holy Spirit? Pastor and longtime church growth expert Bryan Cutshall joined Perry Stone on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s ministry and talk show “Praise the Lord” to challenge people that a truly Spirit-filled person will overflow with the love of Jesus toward others.

“How do I know when I’m filled with the Spirit?” asked Pastor Bryan. “Is it because I shake my hands when I pray, or that I jump up and down and shout? Is it because I can pray in a prayer language? How do I know when I am full of the Spirit. Here’s how we know: You’re full of the Spirit when the blood of Jesus begins to flow out of you.”

Continued Bryan: “Notice David said that ‘He anoints my head with oil, and my cups runs over.’ And what is that cup? Jesus revealed it on the night He was betrayed. He said, ‘This cup is My blood.’”

Bryan went on to charge that “’we’re not really Spirit-filled until we’re evangelizing…. We can talk about what we’ve got, who we are, how good we are, how elite we are in the Kingdom because we have the Holy Spirit. But true Spirit-filled people are fulfilling the Great Commission. True Spirit-filled people are taking the blood of Jesus and it is spilling out of their cup. You cannot contain Jesus when you are Spirit-filled….”

Watch this powerful, challenging, and convicting exhortation in its entirety. And then ask God to fill you anew with His Holy Spirit!

Why Didn’t God Destroy the Devil? Listen to Author What Doug Batchelor Has to Say!

Have you ever wondered why God didn’t destroy Satan — the devil — before he was allowed to do so much damage and destruction to God’s wonderful and perfect plan? Doing away with the devil early on certainly would have stopped a lot of heartache, bondage, sin, suffering, and pain, right?

Well, pastor and author Doug Batchelor has a really great explanation that makes a lot of sense as to why our heavenly Father allowed the devil to foment his rebellion so freely for so long, without stopping him — yet. Watch this fascinating TBN video. It makes a lot of sense.

Don Piper Went to Heaven — Here’s What He Experienced!

Don Piper went to heaven for ninety minutes following a horrific car accident in 1989. Recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” ministry and talk show, Don, who was a Baptist pastor at the time of the accident, told the TBN audience how he left his body after his compact car was struck by a semi-truck and trailer as he was crossing a bridge. “I took my last breath on the bridge,” he recalled, “and I took my next breath in heaven — instant death. I didn’t go through a long tunnel to heaven. I was just there.”

Watch this powerful, short TBN video as Don Piper tells who and what awaited him in heaven. You’ll watch this over and over.