Samuel Rodriguez on TBN: Jesus Can Do Great Things With Broken Pieces

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, spoke recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” program about the breaking that God puts His people through in order to take them to a higher place and purpose.

Pastor Samuel noted that “when we see Jesus doing something in Scripture with bread, he begins by blessing it, and then He breaks it. This is not a coincidence.”

While the breaking process that God puts each of us through may be painful, Pastor Samuel told the TBN audience, “before He puts us through that process He will first bless us, showing His great kindness, and that His purpose is one of love. The best analogy for this would be that the blessing is the anesthesia right before the operation. God blesses us to then operate in us, to do what must be done in order for the outside and the outcome to be whole.”

Pastor Samuel emphasized that “Jesus does great things with things that have been broken. So if you’ve been through a season of brokenness, if the circumstances around you have left you in shambles, if you’ve been betrayed or if your own sinful indiscretion has left you broken — rest assured that you are not disqualified. You see, it’s not about what we do for him, but what He has already accomplished for us. That means if you’ve been through the toughest season of your life, if you’ve been broken, if your dream has been shattered, if your family has been attacked and wounded, then look up and get ready, because Jesus does wonderful things through broken pieces!”

Watch — and re-watch — this powerful, life-changing TBN video!

Israel’s Consul General in Los Angeles Tells TBN Audience the Real Story of Hamas’ Campaign of Terror — and Israel’s Response

David Siegel, Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles, was a guest of Trinity Broadcasting Network’s Matthew Crouch and Laurie Crouch on “Inside the Trinity Family of Networks,” where he told about the efforts of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to assure the safety of Palestinians in Gaza during Israel’s armed conflict with Hamas.

Mr. Siegel noted that in the 2014 conflict, Hamas fired almost 2,000 rockets at civilian populations in Israel. “We have two options – either to respond or not,” he said. “Not responding isn’t an option, but we have to be very measured in our response, understanding that there is a civilian population on the other side, and that they, too, are being held hostage in the hands of this terrible regime. We have to be very, very careful, and we are being careful, more so than any military has been in the history of warfare.”

Watch this informative TBN video, as Mr. Siegel tells the inside story of Israel’s response to Hamas’ campaign of terror against the Israeli people and the Palestinians.

Belfast Pastor Laura Bell: TBN UK Will Be Key to Connecting Individuals and Families to Christ and to a Local Church

Pastors, Christian leaders, and passionate believers are pressing in to see every community across Ireland blessed with a Bible-believing church that is reaching out with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. Pastor Laura Bell of Christian Fellowship Church in Belfast Northern Ireland told Trinity Broadcasting Network that the launch of TBN UK across the United Kingdom will be key in that strategy.

“There are lots of people who won’t come out to a local church,” she said, “and there are a lot of hurt people in this country who I think still have some kind of relationship with Christ, but they’re not rooted and established in His love in a local church. I think what TBN will do is to bring the gospel into every household, onto every television set and every computer, and allow many more people to hear about Christ. They won’t have to walk into a local church.”

Hear the heart of this local UK pastor to see individuals and families connect to Christ through TBN UK, and then connect to a local loving church that will raise them up into mature believers.

Spiritual Renewal Is Coming to the United Kingdom – Watch This Powerful Video

On January 5th Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest religious broadcaster, will launch throughout the United Kingdom on Freeview, the free television service that reaches literally every corner of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland — more than 28 million television homes and 65 million individuals. The launch will represent the single largest increase in Christian television coverage in history.

Watch this powerful TBN video as Christian leaders throughout the UK express their hope and anticipation of the great things God will do across their nation.

“Your Kingdom Knows No End,” From Covenant Worship on TBN’s “Praise the Lord”

The anointed worship team from Covenant Worship Church in Dallas, Texas was a guest recently on Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Praise the Lord” show. Listen as the team, led by David and Nicole Binion, sing the popular worship song “Your Kingdom Knows No End.”